Thursday, 21 August 2014

Ed Sheeran inspired Backpack

Hello Cuties

It's D.I.Y time !!!

And ... this D.I.Y is interesting because , first it's related to Back To School and all the SHEERIOS out there gonna love it.

You know that cat print that Ed Sheeran has on its guitar ? Well, this D.I.Y is inspired by this car print and by cats in general. I love CATS !

You will need : 

- A backpack in one color and no pattern 

- Some textile paint 

So to draw the Cat print you have 3 method

 Method 1 : Search on the internet and Print it 

Method 2 : Draw it on a papper and cut it   

For the method 1 and 2 : Those cat print that we printed or cut befor gonna be the "base" to draw our cats print on the backpack

The result : AS you can see, i used the papper as a "Base" then a draw the print around it !

Method 3 : Draw it on the backpack immediatly

This pictures show how to draw it ! I think it's self-explanatory ...

Step 1

  Step 2

 Step 3 

The D.I.Y consist on imagining a cat who walked into your backpack and  let her print on it. So draw the amount that you heart desir of cats print.

I recommend using two colors : I used to white and black

I found the the result a little basic and i wanted to add my twist on it so i decided to color 4 print very close to each other ( to show they are the print of one cat ) with the color : Grey

And that how we turned a boring backpack to a fashionable and cool one.

The result : 

If you try this D.I.Y at home don't forget to send me pictures on Twitter @SAouioui or tumblr or pintrest ( there is a link to my socials media on the left ) or use the hashtag #BackToSchoolWithOuej to propose others D.I.Y ! 
Also let me in the comment your thoughts on this D.I.Y ! Do you love cats ? Do you love Ed Sheeran ? What's your favourite Ed Sheeran's song ? 

With love

P.S 1 : Do not use this pictures without my permission 
P.S 2 : I noticed that a lot of my readers are americans or british so i decied to write tis post in english for them ! There is a button to translate in case you are not fluent in english 

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