Friday, 22 August 2014

Register : Lovely Criminal

Hello cuties !

It's D.I.Y TIME .... Again !

I guess you didn't see that coming ? Well for this D.I.Y we gonna transform a boring register to a cute and girly register. All your classmates gonna love it AND it's easy, simple and not expensive at all !

I got inspired by the letter that the criminal send to the victime in movies, you know this kind of scary letter !


It would be great if we transform this idea into a girly notebook !

 You will need : 

- A register or a notebook with black cover ( Warning : This D.I.Y won't work on plastic covers )

- Some magasins especially the girly one 

- Scissors 

-  Liquide Glue

Let's get started : 

Step one 
- Draw differents squares in differents shape in the magasins and cut them and find an appropriate design on the register 
 for me i cut 2 small pieces and 2 normal one and 2 big one.

Step 2
 - Start to search for letter on the magasins and cut the one that pleased you so that you can create your name or the name of the suject !

I choosed writing : Notebook

Step 3

- Glue everything on the notebook  and let it dry ! You can place something heavy on it to make sure that everything gonna be glued !

The result 

How do you find my D.I.Y ? EASY , right ? 
If you try it , send the pictures using #BackToSchoolWithOuej on Twitter or blog me this on Tumblr !
Also let me know in the comment below : What do you think about this notebook ? 

With love,

P.S : Don't use those pictures without my permission !


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