Tuesday, 14 October 2014

DIY Board of Motivation

"DormDeco Series"

As I am studying , I feel tired quickly and I want to quit and procrastinate , so I made this board to keep myself motivated.

This D.I.Y we gonna do the  "Board of Motivation"

Let's get started !

You will need : 

A Pin board
Some pins 
Quotes printed on paper

The process (easy , so easy ):

1.Create a theme of motivation : Do you want to be motivated to exercice ? Do you want to be motivated to study ? Choose the right quotes for that. The one that hits you when you read them

2. After printing them, cut the quotes image from the paper. Another alternative, cut the quotes from a magazine or a newspaper

3. Pin in down in the pin board. 

4. Display it in a place that you always see. 

I know this D.I.Y is pretty self explanatory , but this is a D.I.Y that will inspire you in your life. Maybe I will do another where i will show you : How to customize your board ? Comment down below if you want me to do so ! 

Don't forget to send me YOUR creation via Twitter using the hashtag #FallDecoWithOuej and don't forget to follow me @SAouioui

With Love


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