Thursday, 30 October 2014

D.I.Y Glitter Jar + D.I.Y Fall Frame

Always in out Fall Spirit 

"DormDeco Series"

I suggest to you 2 D.I.Y ,and they are self-explanatory

First D.I.Y : Glitter Jar 

You will need

- An empty Jar

- 2 Colors of Decorative Germs 

Step 1 : Add the first color of your decorative germs as a base

Step 2 : Add the second color and tip up your jar with the decorative germs inside like so

Step 3 : Add the other color and carry on until you are happy with the result 

The result :
 A jar with a zebra pattern.

+Tips : You can store your pencils or make up brushes here !

Second D.I.Y : Fall Frame 

You will need :

- Printed pictures of autumn leaves

- Basic Frame

- A glue

Process :
Step 1 : Cut the shape of the leaves.

Step 2 : Glue the leaves in the edges of the frame.


The Final Result : 

+ I just did the corners but you are free t do whatever your heart desire.

That's all for the D.I.Ys ! It's easy to do and that's will be the last D.I.Y of October ... :( 
Don't forget to send me your recreations of those D.I.Ys using the hashtag #FallDecoWithOuej

With love,


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