Friday, 10 October 2014

D.I.Y Jar of Wonder ( Fall Inspired )

"DormDeco Series" 

We are still in the spirit of Fall and October. This D.I.Y is a fun idea to hold your brushes and eye make up in a stylish way.

I like to call it the JAR OF WONDER

Let's get started

You will need

A jar made of glass : You can use the empty pot of Nutella. 
Decorative germs in two different colors ( From Kitea )
Little colored stones (From YATOUT)

The process

-First, clean the jar from any chocolat left (hihihihi no need for that) and  Take off the logo from the jar. If you struggle with it, use the disolvant to take off the sticky paper left in the jar. 



-  Pour the little colored stones as the first hard base. 

- Lay the decorative germs like so : 

First the "Gold" color

Lay the silver color on top of it.

- Place your brushes and eyeliners inside the decorative germs. It gonna hold them and give a nice look to the room. 

The result ;

Well , I added a little twist by writing FALL with a curseur

I hope you enjoyed this easy DIY ! If you try it, don't forget to send me the pictures using the hashtag #FallDecoWithOuej !

With love,

P.S : Do not use those pictures without permission

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