Tuesday, 25 November 2014

D.I.Y : Big Eyes, Seeing the Stars !

Guess what ?!

Here I come with another Do It Yourself ( AKA D.I.Y )

    And it is one about "Room Decoration" 
the serie "DecoDorm series"

The + about this post is that the materials are EASY TO FIND ( I guess you have them in your room now )

I like to call it : Wonder Eyes !

Let's get started !!

You will need :

- Black Nail Polish
- Glittery Nail Polish

- 2 Compact Disk

- Double Sided Tape ( or Regular Tape )

- Paper / Pencil

- Lipstick*


1. Paint the CDs in black and let it dry


2.Write your quote on the paper and cut it. It's gonna stick easly if the black nail polish is not completly dry.
Use a layer of glittery nail polish on top of it.

( It is shown in the picture how you should process)

It doesn't have to be perfect

3. Use the tape to stick it to your desk or wall (as the eyes).

If you do not own a double sided tape, you can use this method.

You can stop here or you can ....

4*. Use your favourite lipstick to "draw"  the lips.

 5. Stick it to the eyes.

The result :

Hope you enjoyed creating this cute "thing". I find it funny and it really adds a lot to my plain wall.

If you do this D.I.Y don't forget to send me your recreation using the hashtag #FallDecoWithOuej

With love,


P.S : Do not use those pictures  

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