Thursday, 5 February 2015

"Disgraced" Review of the Book

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It's been so long since I did a review of a book. Lately I went to Virgin Megastore and I bought some books, one of them is "Disgraced"

Here is the resume at the back :

"Brought up in a violent Muslim houshold, where family honour is all, Saira is watched 24 hours a day.

When her innocent friendship with a boy is uncovered, Saira is sent to Pakistan, punished for dishonouring her family. 

There, the nightmare really begins. Forced to marry an older stranger who rapes her repeatedly and makes her his round-the-clock sex slave, she eventually plots her escape but, destitute, has to return to the family home in England. Once there, she discovers that one of her brothers has run up huge drug debts and Saira must earn money in the only way she can ; by selling her body. 

Disgraced is the true story of an innocence ruined and a life shattered. But it is also a tale of survival told by a woman who has finally discovered her true voice"

Let's start the review !

I'm not gonna lie, I was attracted by the design of the title ( It is all sparkly and stuff ... ).
 I read the resume and I felt concerned. Indeed, I grew up in a country where most of the population is muslim , and I've known strict families (not AS STRICT as it is described in the book ) , so I gave it a try and start the book.


+ Easy and understandable for anyone who has a "modest" level in English.
+ Non-fiction story : I love to know that THIS really happened , plus it give to the story a whole new motivational dimension.
+ I said it before : THE DESIGN !  It's kind of superficiel , but my guilty pleasure is when a book is a beautiful decoration on my bookcase. 


- The summary kind of spoiled the entire story.

The three main point that I noticed and had an impact on me while reading this story are :

The Perception of Religion : 

Religion is a huge deal in this story. It's is not presented as noble choice of idealogy and philosophy in life, no it's portrayed as obligations they have to fufill in order to be "seen" as good muslims. For example, Saira's brothers showed in many ways that the "honour of the family is the most important thing for a girl" by beating any male that approches their sister. However, they don't mind drinking alcohol, stealing , cheating on their wives ( things that are considered forbidden by the religion )

Gender inequality :

The story treates a lot of issues ( prostitution, violence, poverty ... ). Gender inequality is one of them. We can notice as the story goes that Saira's brothers are favorited to her. It also shows that society is selective, it allow boys to do things and look down upon girls who do the exact same thing.

Shame Over Culpability :

Saira's parents, saira's brothers, saira's family gave importance to people's saying more than her own life. They have never questioned their actions because all they could care about is the shame but never the culpability they felt about their wrong choices.


Let me know in the comment , if you have read a book in the same context. How was it ? Have you read this book ? Do you have any books suggestions ?

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