Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Feeling the Hipster Vibes

Welcome back,

I like to identify myself as a Hipster ironically. Hipsters claim to be unique and original, but I feel it's more of a consomation culture. Seeing articles on the net about "How to dress like a Hipster" or "Beanies and Beards for Dummies" is funny in a certain way. "Hipster" is more of a succesful tag on Tumblr (and I'm guilty of using it)

However, I'm here doing a post about being a Hipster. I liked this outfit that I would love to share itwith you, "Hipster" is one of my favorite sweater and I like to pair it with white and black patterns to accentuate it and add up my (love) platform boots.

How to reacreate this look : 

Comfy black graphic sweater

Legging with black'n'white extravagant patterns

High platform boots

+ a cute flower crown.

Behind the scenes :

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to see your "Hipster" looks. Follow me on Twitter or Tumblr and share with me your recreation. 

With love, 


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  1. J'adore ton style, et je trouve ton blog super bien construit =D


Thanks for sharing ! Stay awesome !