Saturday, 18 July 2015

DIY Colorful Night Light Feat Jars (AGAIN)

Welcome back,

Here is another DIY about jars ( ok ..ok I know I'm obsessed ... now just carry on reading )

You'll need : 

- Jars 

- Tape 

- Paint Can of 3 different colors

Process : 

It's so self explanatory that I refuse to explain

...but I'll do it anyways 

First : You tape the jars around two time, kind of like making a 2 borders in the jar if it makes sense.

Nice CAMERA ! Focus on that tape and not on the jar. Thank you for cooperating 
Second : Spray paint on the first "level" than a different one in the second and again a different paint in the third. It's better if the one in the middle is transparent.

Third : Take off the tape. It should look something like that 

Can you see the clear parts ? This is normally when the tape goes
Final Step : Put on some christmas lights and enjoy you're night stand 

Final Result : 

Or INSTEAD you can use it as a holder for your achievements that you would write on a piece of paper and take a look at it whenever you feel sad and worthless .... or maybe it's just me ? 

I hope you enjoyed this DIY and you liked the post. If you have any suggestions, KEEP THEM TO YOURSELF .. no I'm kidding you're more than welcome. Stay tuned 

With lot lot lot of love, 



  1. Thanks for sharing this super cool DIY!
    Many thanks for lovely comment on my blog. Now after visiting your blog I want to tell you that I like your blog and I ask you if you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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