Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Witch Of Colors

Welcome back, 

I'm really into the Irma-The-Witch look lately or what cool people prefer to call "Hipster/Boho look". 
However, I don't want to be a blood sucking witch wearing a coat in red velvet or a sinister one doing witchcraft in the dark forest. 

I want to be a witch of colors : Fairy Witch 

How to recreate this look : 

- High-waisted colorful skirt (Pimkie)
- Classy Shirt (Pimkie)
- Witchy Necklace (Stradivarius)
- Hipster Bandana (Stradivariu)
-  Basic Ballerina

Bloopers :
Some oversaturarted pictures to make me look extra nice and also extra blurry.

I hope you enjoyed that vampy post with some halloween yet with some summer vibes.

With love, 


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