Saturday, 10 October 2015

A place to Visit : Melrose Vintage

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A Place To Visit : Melrose Vintage 

While getting lost in the streets of Florence, I noticed a beautiful place : A thrift shop called Melrose Vintage 

It's a cool place that I loved as I cannot seem to find a decent thrift shop in Morocco. 

To be honest, it was kind of expensive for a thrift Shop ( I got a used hat for 20 euros !!!!), but I loved the set up and the shop assistant so I bought two items ( Good marketing skills ).

Let me share with you the magic of this place for all you boho lovers !!

Adress :  
Via de' Ginori 18

50129 Florence


Sorry for this weird non conventional article, but I just wanted to share with you all (especially italians from Florence) this beautiful place that inspired me. 

I'll pin that store in my deco-inspiration board on Pintrest

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Disclaimer : This may look as sponsored article, IT IS NOT ! I'm not that famous to do these kidn of articles :D 

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