Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Boyish and Vintag-ish !

Welcome back,

I wanted to dress like a boy and I DID !

It also turned out I looked like a vintage-lover-british-school-girl. (Is that even a word ?)

Let's see how I did it.

How to Recreate this look : 

-  White Shirt 
- Blue Women Blazer
- High waisted Fancy pants
- Vintage Platform Shiny Shoes
- Vagabond Hat
- Exotique and rustique necklace
- Round Sunglasses*

 You can spice it up with round sunglasses. A trend that Uncle John Lennon pulled up long time ago

Bloopers : 

Me looking for a f**ck to give !

I hope you liked that. I hope you don't mind swears. I'm still liking the gender fluid fashion ( Can I say that ? Isn't that offensive ?)

With love,


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