Thursday, 10 December 2015

10 Rom-Com From the 90's

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90's romantic comedies make me feel nostalgic and take me back to that time when everything was simple. Here is a list of my TOP 10 Rom-Com of the 90's (Ok I cheated some of them were in the 00' )

1. Clueless

This is the "Mean Girls" of the 90's. This is the classic romantic comedie that any 90's teenager should have seen.

2. A Walk in the Cloud

Innocent and sweet, this movie is for all you vintage-lovers and hopeless romantic . A veteran decides to pretend that he is the husband of a pregnant girl to helpwith her conservative family. Little did he know that the role he was playing will affect his emotions.

3.  Before Sunrise

The beginning of a triology that pictures what love really is. An impromptu meeting between one young man and one young woman in a train triggers them into spending one night in Vienna. Feelings are involved even though both of them know that it's going to be their only night together ... Or is it ?

4. 10 Things I Hate About you

Take all the chessy cliché of 90's rom-com in the 90's. The feminist, the Barbie Girl, the bad boy, the popular sport jerk and THE UTIMATE ARRANGEMENT that makes everything go off plan. 

5. She's All That

Another typical high school drama that has all the annoying cliché we hate in front of our friends, but secretly love starring again the weird creative girl, the popular guy, the bitch and the BET.

6. Never Been Kissed

You want clingy-material ?
You are served. Let's forget all the things that feels wrong about this movie (A 25 woman go to a high school and nobody notice her... hello, how did she register ? Let's not talk about THAT teacher)
This movie is all about accepting yourself monologue.

7. Two Weeks Notice

A lawyer finds herself overwhelmed by the work her childhish boss gives her decides to quit, but let him know during the 2 weeks notice. In those two weeks, both of them will change their ideas, their principles and ... their feelings. 

8. Breakfast Club

"Take all the 90's clichés and make them sit in one class and see what will happen"
This is how I guess the director had the idea of this movie, which is by the way inspiring, funny and interesting.

9. Save The Last Dance

A ballerina is forced to move with her father after the death of her mother and enroll a black high school. There she learns to Hip Hop dance and discover the layers between two races that she should overcome.

10. A Walk to remember

God only knows the effect of this movie on me. It's actually the first movie that made me use a whole box of tissues ... to dry out my tears (of course , you perverted ). I was acting like a strong-woman, but this cheesy movie made me tear up. 


Pretty Woman

A prostitute is hired as an classy-lady escort to a famous buiness man for social events

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