Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Tonight Darling, I'll destroy my liver

Welcome back, 

I was sitting in my anthropology class when the professor said that in Arab cultures the center of affection is not the heart, but the liver. Therefore, I wrote this poem because so many people around me destroy the center of their affection

"Tonight darling, I’ll destroy my liver
Drown it in high degrees of spirit
I’ll clean what you intoxicated
Tonight darling, I’ll raise my glass
I’ll celebrate with a shot of my tears
Tonight darling, I’ll burn my lungs
make it the smoke of our dreams

Tonight darling, I’ll destroy my liver
I’ll digest my happy colorful pills
I’ll see the skies in different colors
try to remember how love feels
Tonight darling, my pupils will dilate
And I’ll be carried away
to my bed by someone who’s not you

Tonight darling, I’ll destroy my liver
my lips will only touch the bottle
Tonight darling, I’ll be dizzy by strobe lights
Like  i used to be by your bright smile
Tonight darling, I’ll drown my brain
in liquors of all kinds
offered by stranger men across the bar
I’ll sleep on the right bed, in the wrong arms
I’ll feel the heat of the human body
in white sheets that are not mine
as the spark inside of me will die

Tonight darling, I’ll destroy my liver
I’ll soak myself in booze
trying to forget your bruises
I’ll forget my name but not yours
so I’ll burn my throat with shots
to heal the bullet in my back
of your cruel, honest words
I will wash my mouth with whiskey
I watch our movies with wine
I’ll take medicines to sleep and other to wake up
Tonight darling, I’ll fuck up my liver
passion, love and anger
will be replaced
by a numb inerte body
laying alone in a twin sized bed
I’ll black out in the side of the road
yet, I won’t feel as alone as i was
when you left me in front of your porch

Tonight darling, I’ll destroy my liver
I’ll close the eyes you used to be lost in
I’ll scar the hand you used to hold
I’ll hurt the chest you used to lay on
I’ll cut the hair you used to run your fingers through
I’ll welcome anyone in my body, my temple
when you used to be the only God"

With love, 



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