Saturday, 31 January 2015

A Morning Walk

I woke up early that morning !

I rememebred I glanced at my roomate bed; she was still sleeping...

Quielty, I lit up my fairy lights and went to the bathroom on tiptoes.
Once I was there I locked the door and I made a unwilling eye contact with my reflection in the mirror. I stared at myself for a while trying to think about how to fix this disheveled hair,puffy eyes and not every-fair skin. I washed my face with warm water and brushed my teeth then I broke the elastic who kept my hair trapped all the night, my hair finally left free , fell in my shoulders like a waterfall. I made another eye contact with my other me and  I forced a smile to this stranger that I only see in pictures and calm surface of the water. All of the sudden , I realized that I don't need to fix anything. I bartered my warm pyjamas for the cold material of my sport sweatshirt, took my camera with me ,and I headed to the door.

It was sunny outside; however, snow from the raging storm who passed by last days was still covering the roads making it slippery and hard to walk in. I took a deep breath and the cold fresh air entred my throat and burned my lungs. My camera hanging around my neck and my hands seeking refuge in my warm pockets, I walked trying to stay in equilibrium on the frozen road to the most desert part of the campus, the calmest part of the campus.

I needed this time alone to think ! Think about my views of the world, my plans for the future and the beauty of the sun shining upon me while the survivor leaves on the trees filtred the sunbeams so that they would be gentle and tickly on my face.

I saw a bunch of doves on the green part of the land, their colors were gorgoeus and I couldn't stop myself from staring at their elegance as they searched for something to eat. I tried to approche them without frightening them and frame their beauty in a picture.

I went to those places that I pass by every day in my life to admire them and give them appreciation that they need. The footprint of a cat , snow covered timber , morning singing of birds...

I wandered for several minutes before deciding to go back to my dorm room.While I was slowely and quietly opening the door, my roomate enquire with a sleepily voice and  barely opened eyes as I entered :

     - " Oh ! Where were you ? What did you do ?"
     - "Nothing , I just ....walked. "

With love,



  1. *_* amazing Lucky you
    There is no snow where I am

    1. There is a time when snow and cold weather become annoying ... but sure I love where I live !


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