Friday, 15 May 2015

Chronicles of a 18 Years Old Moroccan Girl #2

Chap 2 : Wanderlust 

Welcome back,

Wanderlust : A word to remember.

Since I was young, I was the calm dreamer child who would hid in the closet, decor it as a spaceship and create a map to find the secret treasure. Globes, maps, and compass were objects fascinating me. I loved walking, wandering in nowhere dreaming about adventures.

Sadly, I never got to fulfill my dream. because “I’m young” and “It’s dangerous” and “I’m a GIRL”. However, I enjoyed getting knowledge of how it feels, reading books about a quest to find a treasure and seeing movies about breaking free to find yourself in the wild. Yet, it was not enough.

Adventure should be lived in real life and experiment and I envied those boys in my class who would brag about this time they climbed a mountain and nearly died, and I would feel that my life is a boring succession of monotone theories that I would never get the chance to experiment.

Is it about the travel? Is it about the things I can tell my children when I grow up (If I have any) ?

No, I’m craving those crazy experiences for the wisdom that comes with it, the deep reflection you confront yourself with when you are alone in the middle of nowhere. You know the cause of life, you get to the core of the human being.

No books can possibly tell me how It feels, and no movies can convey to me the pure and brut emotions of such adventure.

How wonderful does is it to feel the pulse of life flow in my veins and irrigate each extremity of my body? How wonderful does it feel ALIVE?
I'll finish off with a quote of Alexander Supertramp in the book of Jon Krakauer -Into the Wild-
"The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences."

With love,
A wondering Ouej

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