Thursday, 28 May 2015

Chronicles of a 18 Years Old Moroccan Girl #3

Chap 3 : Guilty of Thinking

Welcome Back, 

"Stop Complicating things. Life is Simple"

 This is a sentence that my friends like to remind me each time. This is a sentence that I hate. 

"You think too much !", "You overanalyze things !" are sentences that sound for me like death threats.

My thoughts define me as a person and saying things such as "Your thought process is WRONG" make me feel like something's wrong with me. 

My entourage means no harm by claiming that life is simple and I'm complicating it, but who wouldn't like to have a peaceful life. Nobody ! Everyone dream for this perfect life and saying that I have it in front of my eyes and can't see it is .... frustrating. 

As for the overanalyzing part, I'm just like that. I love to take data from people's behaviors , be attentionate to what they say ,and put what their words in a context. It makes me love them more. I tried not "overanalyzing". It was awful, I felt lost and numb. 

Of course, I make sure that I don't lose my spontaneity. I'm aware that individuals are shaped by experiences in their life, so I should always trust my instincts . I shouldn't rely on my "precomsumed" thougths.

I'm guilty of thinking and I'm comdemned to never be understood.

With love, 


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