Saturday, 13 June 2015

Chronicles of a 18 years old Moroccan Girl #4

Chap 4 : Society of Contradiction

Have you ever felt guilty for buying something expensive? I get this feeling a lot.

I live in a crazy society. “Crazy” is the only adjective I can think of to describe this society. You’ll find very rich people and very poor ones, hype neighborhood and popular ones, highly educated professors and illiterate women who can’t write their own name. My society reminds me of a pyramid were the fiercest animals consume the mass and not everyone has the chance to survive or to “live”

I got the immense chance to be born in a case that I would characterize as high in the social hierarchy. However, my parents always made me very aware that life is not fair for others. I met the popular kids and walked in the shantytowns, I spent time in the rural area when other spent their week end in Paris.

 My parents always said that the only thing that can help me in my life is my work and my studies. They did a good job parenting me. Not deprive me of anything, yet I was grateful for everything and conscious that nothing should be taken as granted.

Is that why I feel guilty when I want to buy an clothing item that cost the monthly paycheck of a man in the lower class? Should I buy it? Should I deprive myself of a pleasure because others cannot afford to eat? Is it healthy to think like that? Is it inhuman not to think like that? 

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