Monday, 29 June 2015

Chronicles of a 18 Years Old Moroccan Girl #5

Welcome back,

Chap 5 : Ramadan For me

You may know it or not, but in the muslim world this month is Ramadan.

This post could be about what Ramadan means to muslims .However, you can easily google it and find out.

Instead I'll tell you all what Ramadan means to me. I'll try to picture it with all the sincere emotions that I'm feeling toward this month

When I was a kid, ramadan was a fun month. Our schedules were not the same, we got to have lunch at school (which at that time wasn't a common thing), we could leave school earlier. The whole country changed during this month. People used to dress in a traditional way, delicious dishes were made, funny sitcoms were broadcasted on the national TV, the importance to share was underlined...

It was a special month for the 6 year old me.

With time, I grew up and I realized many things. This magical month turned out to be a weird time of the year when a this rare pathology of my society is exhibited : Hypocrisy

From my personal observation, this month is a runway for weird behaviors. During this month, people allow themselves during to judge others (especially women) by their clothes because they consider that they should dress modestly. Some all of the sudden turn into saints and start giving unsolicited advices they would never apply in another time of the year. National TV is 90% ads of women preparing food ,or artists singing and dancing for a product.. The other 10% is about stupid sictoms trying to be funny and failing each time.

How about poor people? Most of the people fasting claim that Ramdan is made to think about poor people. Why not think about them all the time throughout the year.
How about spiritual cleaning ? The amount of gossiping I heard during this month is incredible "You heard about bent flane ? She is not fasting. What a shame ! I kind of knew she was THAT KIND of girls", "I saw the boy next door smoking this morning. No respect !" . They are not searching about the spritual enlightement, but aiming for the approval of someone to say "Oh they are GOOD muslim"
How about being a nice person ? There is a phenonemon called "Tramdine" : the fact of being angry and easily irritated during Ramdan. But "Hey it's acceptable, they are fasting all day. It's their right to become grumpy."

Ramadan turned from this magical month to another month where all the flaws of a society are uncovered to me and displayed in dish among the others on the ftour table.

Even if some people take advantage of this month to do charity work and aim to develop themseleves, for me, ramadan turned into that month where I don't eat. I don't really feel it at a spiritual level. That's makes me sad.

I want this Ramadan to be for me the same Ramadan as I've know it when I was 6.

Mabruk Ramadan

With love,


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