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Meet Leylish, vocalist of FILS AKKAF

Meet Leylish , vocalist of FILS AKKAF

Leila is a strong and confident woman. Active and ambitious, she is not afraid of anything to accomplish her dream. She is also the vocalist of the band "Fils Akkaf" Let's know more about her ! 

Q:      Before asking anything, how would you describe Leila/ Leylish ?

L :   Leila isn't someone that we know, she's someone that we discover… I don't like to talk about myself and my personality.

Q:     What’s your story with music ? Beginning ?

L :   My father, the composer, is the one who triggered my love for music since I was 3 years old. Without him, I wouldn't be here. He is the reason of my success and my education. First of all, I started as a pianist, I never thought I would sing one day, but here I am and I'm proud of it.

Q:      So being a succesful singer is your dream.

L :      Now it is...

Q:    How did your entourage reacted to your dream?  Did you family approve ? How about your friends ? What was their reactions ? 

L :  I got the chance to be born in a family of artists that appreciate music as much as I do. As for my friends, my philosophy in life says that my friends are not true friends if they don't support my choices. So far, everyone is encouraging me and it's heartwarming. That's what makes me move.

Q:    You  said that you started as a pianist, I heard you won an award it was …. ?

L:       It was on 2005, I was 9 years old. It's the  International Price for Piano. Plus, I won several national prices.

Q:        Right, so what caused this change in your career ( From a pianist to a vocalist in a rock band )? 

L:   I assisted to the 2007/2008 auditions of Génération Mawazine, my father was a member of the jury. This is when I decided that I want to be on stage and have a larger audience. I had to work on my voice ,and I did it. Now that I'm thinking about it, I had this desire to be on stage since I was 3 years old. However, I wanted to be recognized on stage as a pianist not as a vocalist 

Younger Leila

Q:     You’re studying medicine now, why didn’t you devote yourself entirely to music ? 

L:     We cannot be famous in 10 min, but we can lose everything in 1 sec. This famous question “How do you want to live, as a doctor or as an artist ?” will never be answered by me. Those two things should not be compared. It’s like saying who do you love the most, your father or your mother. My diploma as a doctor would guarantee me a future if my musical career didn’t work out. 
      Who would I be in 10 years. I don’t know. I believe this saying that goes like "Everything happens for a reason" . I believe in faith.

Q:       What do you do to make this dream come true ?

L : I believe in myself and I do it.
I started first in the musical contest (Génération Mawazine) . I wanted to do a solo career, yet I decided to join a band and I don't regret it.

Q :   What’s the limitation of this career ?

L:      None. I love everything about it. If there was a single limitation I wouldn’t pursuit it. 

Q:         What are the perks ?

L :        It brings me joy as well as people around me. I love meeting new people . Being on a band helps me be on stage surrounded by the crowd. It’s an amazing feeling to be on stage and see that there is a whole world with you. I don’t like solitude, I’m a very sociable person. The fact that I find myself in a crowd procure me a sensation of happiness and joy.

Q: Do you have haters ? If yes, now I give you the chance to tell them something what would it be ?

L :   Everyone has haters, but it’s fine for me. It help me understand that I’m going on the right path.
If I could tell them something , I would say "If you're talking behind my back, it means that you are behind me and I'm right in front of you "

Q : How do you handle all of this when you are still a 19 years old girl ? 
L : It's been 16 years since I have a double career. I got used to it.

Thank you Leylish for those moments. Don't forget to follow the band's Facebook page and tune in for her coming concerts. 

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