Thursday, 4 June 2015

Smell of Cold Cigarettes in Her Bed

She can smell the odor of cold cigarettes in her bed.


She is partying all night
She is living the moment

living a youth without regret
Without future expectations
Her heart beats are synchronized with the beats of the drums.

Clusters of light filtered thru the window showed particules of dust dancing within the beam of light.
She got up, closed the curtain.
Then, she threw herself in the bed again.
The cigarette's smell welcomed her
She tried to remember the last time her bed didn't smell like cigarette.
She tried to remember the last time her bed smelled like lavender.


Lavender is the aroma of the detergent
that her mother used to wash her sheets.
Now , mom is gone.


Mom is just a responsible voice on the telephone.
Asking daily questions
Boring, obvious questions.


She knows nothing about her darkest fears.
She knows about her deepest insecurities.
Mom cannot wash away all the impurities she had witness
Mom cannot wash away all the troubles she faced.

She faced the ceiling
She is satisfied with cigarette odor
that's the only thing she can remember

for the moment

With love, 


P.S : Thank you N. for inspiring this

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