Friday, 10 July 2015

Chronicles of a 18 Years Old Moroccan Girl #6

Welcome Back,

Chap 6 : The Effect of a Librairy

Did you ever walked between the shelves full of books and you felt lost ? ... Not in a negative way, but lost and excited like your eyes cannot contains all the beauty in that place. You try your best to read all the titles but you end up lost and dizzy.

No ?
Is that only me ???
Well, some may feel the same feeling I get for books when they walk next to the supermarket shelf full of crispy chips or mellow fruits.

Librairies have this power on me. I can see all those books, those thoughts from people all across the world translated or not. I get to go inside their heads, recognize their style, and discover their life....
of course if it is a book based on a "True Story"

Or I plunge into a magical world where everything is possible from mermaids swiming in the deep oceans to witches living in the mountains.

I lived with a book. I don't remember the first time I learned how to read, but I do remember how many times I went to the school librairy to escape and to sit in my corner and read "Tom-tom et Nana" a french comic book.

I tasted what is like to find refuge in the pages of a book that open itself to you when the world outside shut you down. In fact, the moment when I started to read is a dark moment of my childhood. I had troubles keeping friends and making friends.

Said like that it may look sad, but looking back at it, it is a gift not a maledicition. I got to sharpen my critical sense at a very young age and I have ideas fighting in my cranium to be concret.

Even though, I don't read as much as I used to. I just want to invite you all to read something. Maybe for a little while you'll feel that you are sittting in a French café, eating delicious crepes and facing the cobbled parisien streets while listening to the soft melody of an accordion.

With love,



  1. Great Post! Check out my blog :)

  2. Awww you ain't the only one to feel that way! Here I am just like you too :D I love that feeling ^.^ Thanks for sharing this post with us Ouej :)

    1. Happy that you know what I'm talking about


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