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Meet Rhizlane, a young moroccan athlete

I knew Rhizlane from high school. She was known for being an incredible athlete. Now, she is carrying on her education in the U.S .

I got the chance to meet her when she came to my little town for training , there I had the chance to talk to her and I discover new facets of Rhizlane that I've never known before.

I want you too to know this inspiring and amazing human being like I did.

Q : How would you define Rhizlane ? 

Rhizlane is a moroccan Student-athlete, more of an ambassador of the Moroccan youth in the track and field world.

Q : Tell us more about the beginning ? 

It all started in elementary school when I tried high jumping, with the very modest school facilities, and where it escalated until being the yougest athlete in the Moroccan national team at the age of 12

Q : Now you're living abroad, how is it different from home ? 

Responding to "how is it not different?" If I didn't study abroad, it would be longer. I'm trying to achieve a certain goal i'm aiming for, anything else is distraction.

Q : You are still young, do you consider track and field as a career ? 

Track and field has never been the ultimate career for me. I guess this is why I chose the U.S for my college studies, because of the combinaition of studies and sports at a really high level. Furthermore, even when I was in high school during class, I was normal student, but out of it I was the youngest Arab champ in History.

Q : How is a normal day for you like ? 

Up at 6a.m, weight lifting at 6:30, done by 8, breakfast, class, lunch, class, practice, dinner, study table ....Normally in bed by 10p.m and I do it again tomorrow.

Q: It's hard to balance all this. What keeps you moving on ? 

I built up a name in the track world at a really young age, I let down so many "normal teen behaviors" in order to succeed, and it paid off I could see feed back short and long term talking. I was investing in me in every way possible because this is how you go from anybody to SOMEBODY. Faith and motivation are the ultimate key.

Q: What are the perks of being an athlete ? 

Autonomy is definitly one of the multiple advantages of being an athlete. At the age of 14, I was able to live independently from my parents. I am a fan of trips, so flying over all continents was already done by the age of 16 years old. Plus, being introduced to the adult's world at a really very young age gave me the opportunity to meet different empowering personalities in diver domains.

Q : What are the downsides of it ? 

Downsides are definitely fewer, but most likely very personal : the pressure is constant, people are expecting you to improve fast and immediately. There is no time for distraction ,so anything out of the point of focus is actually taking you a step away from the achievement. And as most young athletes would confirm, we step over the teen years.

Q: What is it like to be a female athlete in Morocco? 

I didn't have any problems being a female athlete in morocco. I was not the first one, so I assume they struggled with the male domination at that time. If there is something, I'm struggling with, it would be proving that Moroccan athletes can improve in technical events, and not only are good at running.

Q : Tell us about an inspirational story you learned through track and field ?

Track and field is taking me in a limitless journey in which I consider myself blessed every single day (حمد لله) I realized at a really young age that with hard work comes great results, and with sacrifice comes even greater results. So, I'm giving it my all and hoping for the best ! 

Q : How about a funny one? 

That one anecdote where I had to fly from the U.S to Ethiopia, so I can represent Morocco in African junior Championships, spend 17 hours there and comeback because I had Class. And.... I practically missed 2 of 3 flights because of a delay in NY, it wasn't that funny when it was happening , but when I look back I can't stop laughing just like the Moroccan proverb says كثرة الهم كتضحك

Q: What about the haters or people that tries to put you down ?

The biggest issue in Morocco I had to deal with was to prove myself as a high jumper between thousands of long distance runners, so yes at a point or another I should shine less than the runners only because I am in a different event. No great athlete makes it through his/her career without these kind of troubles.

Q : If you got a chance to say something to them what would you say ?

Brace yourselves, the best of me is yet to come.ان شاء الله

Q : Let's not forget the people who support you. Who are they ? What would you say to them ?

My mom is my #1 fan/supporter. Plus, my small and large family. Not to forget my close friends and all my immediat circle.
I want to say "Thank you for all the love and support ! I do it for you !"

Q:  Above all, do track and field procure you fufillement in your daily life ?

My life is built around track ! It opened so many doors for me, I woudn't have this vision of the world if not because of this sport, it taught and still is teaching me so much more than I could learn in school or college.

Thank you for the amazing interview. Rhizlane was and will be the pride of my high school and nation and I'm so proud to know someone as humble and down to earth as her. Don't forget to like her facebook page to keep track of her competitions and to show support.

All the picutres were taken from Ghizlane's official facebook page.

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  1. Woow that's a nice story :) It is very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us Ouej :D

  2. Wish her further many success!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. I'm sure she would appreciate


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