Saturday, 8 August 2015

Day 2 : Doge's Palace and The Paved Streets of Venice

Welcome back,

Second day in the italien adventure was a very long day. 

In this second day. I had to visit the center of Venice and get some cultural informations about the city.

Back in time, Italy as we know it didn't exist. It was a groups of powerful families running the place.

Doge's Palace 

I got to visit the palace of the Doge " AKA DA BOSS" and also the cells of the prisioners. To get there I passed the " Ponte dei sospiri " a bridge that connected the ancient jails to the cells of interrogations in the doge's palace. 

Four styles of architecture are all molded in the same palace : the byzantine architecture and the baroque one

the gothique style
the renaissance architecture

Starting Renaissance building :

The view 

Those details...

Moving to the gothic part 

Cells of the Prisioners : 

Pont Des Soupirs

Narrow Paved Streets :

Then I walked in the paved narrow streets while enjoying the architecture 

Artisanal masks and Puppets: 

Venice is also known for the colored glass
Ride in the Gandola in the Canals 

As anyone who visited venice and got affected by the popular scenes of love in romantic movies filmed in that beautiful city, I had to take a ride in the gondola in the canals of the city. 

"Hey, you ... Y U FILMING ME WORKING ? "

The terminus of the Gandola

"Stupid tourists !" 

Ajouter une légende

Under the bridge 

Piazza San Marco

Finally, during the sunset I took a coffee in the Piazza San Marco which is a public place in Venice that is very actif at night and listened to the musicians playing wonderful melodies.

To get back to our hotel, I took the waterbus.

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