Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 4 : Discovering the story of Florence (feat Michelangelo )

Welcome back, 

Discovering together the story of Florence the city of enlightement

Galleria Dell'accademia and David 

For this second day in florence is for culture. I was with a groupe and together we went to Galleria dell'accademia to see the symbol of florence : David sculpture of the well known michelangelo

Michelanngelo sculture

This sculpture is the symbol of resistance of the young republicains against the dictator

I strangely connect with the guy possing sassily 

HOW CAN THEY DO THIS ? All this looks so real and I can't even draw a symetric eyeliner on my left eyelid

Random and beautiful library :

Church Maria Del Fiore From the Inside 

Remember Church Maria Del Fiore that I randomly discover ? Well I got to see the inside. I was kinda disapointed because it looks empty and not as majestic and rich as the outside. The guide told us it's because most of the wealth on the inside was stolen during wars.

I was very interesting for me to be this close from another religion and other religious figures.

Office's galeries
Galleria degli Uffizi

Piazza Della Signoria

Sculptures were images that were used by the powerful leaders to convey messages of power and intimidate the enemies.

Walking without purpose


Night  is For Wandering. 

Couples of minutes before the sunset, I decided to go wander in the city and go again to Ponte Vecchio to enjoy the music and the youthful ambiance.

On my way, a girl presented me a invit to enjoy a play about the Medici family which was the powerful family who ruled Florence before it turned into a republic.

Window shooping for fancy clothes

Remember that girl a couple of pictures above. She is almost done ! Good job and good dedication. 

Finally, Ponte Vecchio minutes before the sunset.

More wandering after the sunset : 

I walked and walked, until I found myself in front of a beautiful place where couples just lay down and watch the sky  (and I'm forever alone). It was in front of an enormous building. 

So I decided to lay down and listen to music.

More wandering. At this point, I realized that I should probably go back to my hotel because I was far away from it and I started to lose my landmark.

According to popular belief, if you touch the golden groin of this boar. You'll find eternal hapiness. Even tough, I don't believe in superstitions. I decided to follow the local trend and did it. 
Sadly, I couldn't take anymore picture because my run out of batterie. Right after, I went back to my hotel and slept thinking about this wonderful day.

With love,

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