Thursday, 13 August 2015

Day 5: The House of Medici

Welcome back,

Remember the Medici family of Florence ?
Remember that place where I laid down in front of that palace ?

Together today we are the guests of the Medici family in their house (the palace)

ONE RULE in my travel : WALK !
It allows me discover news facets of the city such as this fountain.

Welcome to Medici House : 

Inside : 


 Museum :

Look at how majestic and refined those frescos are

View from the window of the large garden of the Medici Riccardi Palace

Those rooms have differents purpose they are filled with artwork and I was just dizzy trying to see all the frescos and the artwork and the sculptures and the ceiling and the archtiecture...

 All those painting in the ceiling have a message to convey to the guest as they represent the power of the family. ( We've seen that concept before)

Both the vivid colors of the room and the lighting made everything so rich and precious looking.

That angel be like : "Just chilling up there" 

 I felt like a duchess in this environment. A duchess that is not allowed to sit on that beautiful fancy sofa.

Anyone knows an artist from 1444 still alive to paint it  ... or ... ?  No , it's impossible? It's Okay ! I mean I'm okay with an Ed Sheeran poster 

This reminds me of a Disney movie : THE BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

Help my neck is hurting from all this looking up.

The bath of Napoleone

This also reminds me of the sassy goddess who sang gospel in the disney Hercules movie

FINALLY after 1h20 we are in the BEDROOM

We finish off with the sculpture of the very famous writer Victor Hugo. I hope you enjoy this gataway in the city of Florence. 
There is so much more to see... 

Next stop : Roma. Keep up with me in the Italian Adventure

With love,


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