Monday, 31 August 2015

Day 6 :The Italian Adeventure : Heading to Roma

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Let's continue our trip around that beautiful country that is Italy. Now, we're heading to the capital ROMA, the giant Roma.

Between the modernity of the metrople and the lost cities underneath, Roma offers the choice of multiple visits and excursions. Everywhere you go, be aware that you are stepping on an entire civilization.

First Views From My Very Initial Walk In Roma
I didn't know the name of those monuments ... we see that later on.

The Lost City : Roma Antica

I was told those catacombs were found because they wanted to have a metro in Roma, so they found this city that represent Roma Antica.

The work on the metro is taking a lot of time for the simple reason that each time they dig, they find some treasures from the past.

I'm crossing the street and here is what I see : The colosseum

Monuments of Victor Emmanuel II

The balcony from where you can see the flags is the balcony from which Mussolini used to give his  fascist speech to the crowd.

Roma At Night

Roma is really beautiful city at night.

P.S : I noticed many many luxirious cars down the streets.

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