Sunday, 30 August 2015

Poem For a Fuckboy

Welcome back, 

This poem is for you fuckboy
Breastfed with patriachy
Don't read it if  you mind swears
Raw language or reality
Excuse me if I destroy your ideal
That a lady should stay classy 
Should not speak up for herself
And be at your mercy
Call it poetry or prose
Or a rythmic plead
For the lost souls
That patriachy demeans

This poem is for you fuckboy
Breastfed with patriachy

You say "We are not the same"
"I'm better than you"
You're right on the first statement 
Who would want to be like you ? 
But I despise statement two
Making me a bird without wings 
A prisoner tied up to your will
Eternally needing your aid
That you spit on my face

This poem is for you fuckboy 
Breastfed with patriachy
From school you deprived me
Because "female" shoudn't learn to read
Or because the straps of my bras 
Awoken you primitive needs
Away from my dreams you throw me
Because I had unwanted kids to feed
Because you ruled the field
Making marrying you a nightmare
Yet the best bet I can get
I can't stand up for myself
Because you broke my legs
With your rules and laws
And everyone applauds
To your tyrannical reigh
You think you have a say
On my make up, my attitude, my clothes
My ability, my competence and my flaws
.... keep yowling, I love me

This poem is for you fuckboy
Breastfed with patriachy
Rating girls on a scale of beauty
Thinking you have the moral authority 
To decide which one deserves to be happy 
You decide the dignity of a "female"
From the lenght of her dress
Short and she is slutty
Long and she is uptight
Constantly asking for nudes
So hungry for the flesh
That you hunt like a wild animal
Yet, you judge people like a god
Using religion to back you up 
But you forget to feed the helpless
To fight for justice
To build a roof for the homeless
To spare a lunch for the famished
Like the good god taught us

This poem is for you fuckboy
Breastfed with patriachy
You abusive partner 
you overly protective brother
You ingrat son
you little piece of shit
Who has been in the power
From the rise of the dawn

This poem is for you fuckboy
Breastfed with patriachy
The helpless scared boy
Scared from changing roles
Differences frighting you
No matter if it's the sexe or the race
The ethicity or the religion 
The color or the sexual orientation

Beware fuckboy
One day you'll wake up bitter and old
Weaker as a dead leaf in the wind
Shaking like a prisoner in the death row
You'll leave nothing in this world
But a foggy sadness and darkness 
Followed by a sun celebrating 
The End of the fuckboy
Don't worry you'll be remembered
Only as a sour after taste

With "love"


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