Thursday, 17 September 2015

Chronicles of a 18 Years Old Moroccan Girl #8

Welcome back

Chapter 10 : I'm Afraid I'm Not Special !

I'm afraid I'm not special.

Are you ?

Have you ever had that feeling that you dream is common, your dream is not worthy ? Your dream shouldn't be a dream.

I have ...

My biggest nightmare is that I'll leave this earth silently like I've never been here. Confined in dark and grey cold suits, glorifying monotony everyday by repeating the same old gestures, eating the same food and going to the same places.

I dread the moment when the twilight won't amaze me anymore.
I fear the day when I'll look at the bums of lights transcend the clouds and immediatly look away like it wasn't a miracle.

Will I be just another cog in the so called machine-society ? Will I turn to a pawn in the chessboard walking foreward without a possibility to change my path, stepping equally on white and on black like I didn't care ?

Am I just a microscopic stain in the major masterpiece that is life.

I want to mean something. I want to believe that I'm destined for something great. I want to leaf through my story and be proud of what accomplish before taking my last breath.


I'm afraid I'm not special. I'm afraid I'm not important.

With love,


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