Monday, 7 September 2015

Day 7 : Living the Dolce Vita in Roma

Welcome back,

We are in Roma. Capital of Italy and city of history, fashion and beauty. Together let's discover the major monuments on the city ( Foutain Trevi, Colosseo, Pantheon .. ) the hype streets and experience the Dolce Vita.

Let's get started !

Trevi Fountain : 

It is believed that if you throw a coin on the Trevi Fountain you'll come back to Roma. If you throw two coins you'll meet someone special in Roma. If you throw three coins you'll marry someone in Roma. 

I threw just one because I'm a broke student who wants to travel the world... no string attached.

Galleria Alberto Sordi : 

Chassing the Obelisk in Rome :

Rome is the city that has the most Obelisk from Egypte then they got "christianized" by placing a croos on the top of the pagan monument.

Obelisk 1

Obelisk 2

Italian Parliament : 

An Italian Alley : 

Pantheon : 

From a temple in the honors of the gods to a christian church. 

Obelisk 3

The inside of the Pantheon :

Turned into christianity

Piazza Navona : 

Obelisk 4
Sant'Agnese in Agone

Saint Peter's Square (Vatican City):

I wanted to hear Pope Fancis preaching so I went to Saint Peter's Square. 

The window from where the red carpet lay out is from where the Pope Francis is standing. Can you see him ?

Obelisk 5

Saintes and beauty

There is cold tap water in the streets and you can drink from it. THANKS ROMA FOR THIS GIFT IN THE HOT SUMMER DAYS.
Tour fFrom a Bus : 

The rest of the day was a tour from a bus and I didn't had the chance to photograph every details and remember every monuments.

A quick view of castle Sant'Angel

I think this is the palace or the residence of some religious figure. I think a pope but I can't seem to remember who. 

Also quick view of Ponte Sant'Angel

Corte Di Cassazione

The City from the Window and the Dolce Vita :

Obelisk 6

You all waited for that moment when I'm going to go to the Colosseo. The mythic place where all the rage combat happened, the ancient WWE.

Free ticket. 

When the teacher thinks you don't follow and asks you but YOU KNOW THE ANSWER !

More Wandering at Night : 

I don't know the name of that place so if there is any italians here who wants to help. Leave your answers in the comment sections.

With love,


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