Friday, 11 September 2015

Day 8 : Vatican or The Core of Catholicism

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In roma, we can find the smallest state in the world. The vatican, the core itself of Catholicism and it's also where the pope of all catholics lives.

Let's discover together this small state loved by all the catholics. 

Museum of Vatican 

"Define beauty ?" ... Heu ... this  ?


Follow the flag

Ancient maps of Italy

The best place to get mosaic in the world. 

This book looks a lot like the Holy Coran

View from a window
The Rooms of Raphael.
The rooms where the Pope Jule II used to live.They are known for their maejestic frescos and painting.
All the "decoration" are work of art from the painter Raphel and his students 

Telling a story from painting

You know this painting ! I KNOW YOU DO.
It's "The School of Athen" painted by Raphel.
It represents Philosophy and features many philosophs such as Pytagoras, Euclid, Aristotle...
The two central figures are Plato inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci and Heraclitus inspired by Michealangelo

I wasn't really following what the guide told us, but looking back at the pictures now I can tell the architecture of the roof is somehow byzantique.

Work in Progress
Chapelle Sixtine 
The Chapelle Sixtine is a sacred place for the christian catholic . It is where the bishops get together to decide who the new pope is going to be. As it is a sacred place we are not able to take picture nor to talk ( which I perfectly understand). The entire room is decorated with frescos made by the genuis Michealangelo. It took him a lot of time to finish his work of art ALONE. I could see in the chapelle Sixtine the masterpiece that rivaled Mona Lisa which is "The Creation of Adam" ( Google It)
That's the picture that I took after leaving chapelle Sixtine

St Peter's Square 

Preparing for the Pope Speech. By the way, do you remember the obelisk from the post earlier ? 

Saint Peter's Basilica

The most important edifice for all the Catholics . It is a place for pilgrimage.

It's also the biggest most majestic catholic church IN THE WORLD.

Representation of the Virgin Mary holding the body of the Christ in ceramic.

St. Peter's Baldachin

Each letter is 2m long. MORE THAN MY HEIGH. Let that sink in.

This is not a painting. This is mosaic made.

As you can see, they measured the biggest churches in the world so that you can easily compare it with Saint Peter's Basilique. Let me tell you IT'S CRAZY how big it is.

Here you'll find water with the benediction of the Pope in it.

Vatican army in uniforms. That guy standing should stand still for 2 hours. I can't even stand for 10 minutes consecutive. 
St Peter's Square :

A last landscape view on Saint Peter's Basilique

Because I'm not quiet sure you understood how big it is. I'll make you realize that under the cross you see. There is a balcony, well it you look closly it's full of NORMAL PEOPLE LIKE YOU AND ME. Do you feel small yet ?

That's my last stop in this Italian Adventure.
It's the end !

I hope I'll come back to this marvellous country and live there for a couple of months.

With love,


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