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Meet Sofia, Blogger and Designer From Fashion Bakchic

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I got the chance to interview one of the most inspiring people (at least for me). The first time I saw Sofia from Fashion Bakchic was on a TV show. After I spent time stalking her on Instagram and Facebook (don't act like you don't do it), travelling with her through her amazing photos and discovering a whole new facet of my country, I decided to ask her for an interview ... AND SHE ACCEPTED

Sofia is not only a stylish woman, she is also a pulse of creativity. She mixes so easily two diffirent cultures the oriental and occidental and add to it a special touch of the immortale moroccan berber colors and textures.

Let's discover WHO is Sofia ?

Who is Sofia from Fashion Bakchic ? How would you describe yourself ?

I'm simple girl with simple needs. A little bit tomboy. I like shoes and hats. I'm also very maniac and organized. My life is about every travelling opportunity. 

When and why did you start your blog ?

I started my blog 5 years ago because I wanted to show to the whole world that fashion in Morocco exists. It is not something restrained to europeans only, and that we are able to mix traditionality with modernity.

How did your entourage reacted to your blog ?

They kept asking questions such as "What is this?", "Why are you always taking pictures of yourself?",  "Who cares ?" , yet they understood few months later.

If you weren't a blogger, what do you think you would be today ?

I'll create something for sure.

What inspire you the most ?

My grandma, my mother, my father and  of course berber women

I see from your instagram and your blog that you are promoting the berber culture. What is the story behind this love to the berber culture ?

My father is berber. I've discovered later that I could talk in berber ,but I 've always rejected it.  Then one day I took books from my father. They were talking about Morocco and Berbers. At that time, I had a crush on those powerful berber women.

From a blogger to a designer, what made you make this transition ? Was it hard to adapt and be recognized as a creator ?

You can be whatever you want !!  This is my politic and my philosophy ,and it's easy in Morocco. If your project makes you the happiest woman on earth and that you are serious about it because you actually believe in it,  people start to believe in you.  

What are the problems you faced from your blogger/designer career ?

Starting alone is a big issue. It takes more time to accomplish some things than it would take for other designers.  Money is also an issue because you need it to start your buisness, to invest in materials, to pay wages and salaries, marketing, webmasters...and then you have to fight to be noticed in the ocean of designers.

What are the perks of your job ?

Waking up and doing what passionate me.

What are the downsides of it ?

Because you are your own boss, you need to stay very organized.

 If you got something to tell to "haters" what would it be ?

Thank you.

How about people that supports you ? Who are they ? What would you tell them ?

My family : Mum, my sisters, my brother, my husband, my friend Joseph Ouechen. I'm blessed to have a proud and supporting family and close friends.

If you could say something to the 13 years old you, what would it be ?

Please study hard ! You can be the best you could possibly imagine. When you'll be 20 start your little project ,but never stop studying ..

Any last thoughts ?

If anyone needs anything (advices, adresses, tips...) I'm here to help

It was a blast to interview such an inspiring woman. She is one of the reasons why I started my own blog. All the pictures in this post come from the official facebook page : Fashion Bakchic . Don't forget to like the page and follow her on instagram ( let's stalk her all together ... sorry Sofia ! )

I'll let you craving her amazing berber jewelleries and her amazing sense of fashion.

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