Saturday, 3 October 2015

Chronicles of a 18 Years Old Moroccan Girl #9

Welcome back,

Chapter 11 : Red Light On Human Behavior !

This summer, I traveled abroad. 
It was interesting. I got to play find the 7 millions differences between my mother country and the hosting one. 

The striking difference was the behavior of the citizens. In europe, my feet were my only carriage and I had to use to road a lot. All those times, the cars would stop whenever I would cross the road on the pedestrian crossing This little detail was almost shocking for me because one day in my home a car almost ran on me while I was crossing the street ... on the PEDESTRIAN CROSSING 

Then the driver screamed something like "ARE YOU CRAZY ?"

When all I was doing was following the laws. 

But I guess if the traffic laws don't have a weight in my country. The statistics of people dying on the national roads proved it.

It was interesting why this laws had no effects while many people like to remind you about their principles, their morals ... why is that not killing someone on the road not of them ? 

I came up with the conclusion that traffic laws are man-made not like the majority of their "principles" that they rely on the words of god. Therefore, the traffic laws have no weight like the life they endanger. 

Drive safely ...

With love,


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