Saturday, 31 October 2015

Chronicles of a 18 years Old Moroccan Girl #10

Chap 11 : إن الفتى من يقول ها أنذا ليس الفتى من يقول كان أبي 

Translation : It's an Arab proverb: The value of the person is defined by who is, not by who was his  who is his father. 

 Based on a True Story :

   Long story short, someone stole my smartphone on the train station. 

Instead of offering any help, the security agents only made me feel confused. They also discouraged me to try to find the thief.

Even though losing my cellphone didn't bother me as much as the fact that nobody helped, yet I tried to report the theft so I went to the police station. 

The following events went like that : 

I met a police officer (I guess he was) really sitting comfortably in his chair : 

Me : Hello, I'm here to report a theft. 
Police officer : ....
Me : .... ?
Police officer *staring really annoyed* : Where and when did it happen ?

Me : The train station, a couple of minutes ago.
Police Officer : Give me your ID. 
Me *Gives him ID*
Police officer *Let my ID in his table while he is leafing calmly through something without showing any kind of interest*
Me *waiting for 8 minutes and starting to show syndromes of I'm-Done-With-This-BS*

Suddenly when I realised that he just didn't take me seriously ( Maybe because I'm young and I had a floppy look that day) I called my mom

My mom took off her phone and called a good acquittance , a higher hierarchy  kind of acquittance, then told the police officer :

"Someone wants to talk to you"

As a work of magic, as soon as the police man took the phone. He acted all enthusiastic and ready.
 He repeated an "Yes Mister, we'll take care of that" 

Then he started asking me questions and doing his job.

This story illustrate how sometimes your ascribed status gives you certain advantages 
It made me think .

It's sad to see that it's not "how much you know" but "who you know" that determine your success.

I'm also wondering, what if someone from a modest family who don't have the opportunity to know any good acquittance had a problem, would the police officer help him? Would my society help him ?

Why is your ascribed status more important than what you make of yourself ? 
Is your last name more important than your first one ?
Why is the number of green papers you have in your pocket determine how much respect you would earn ?

With love


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