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Meet Dina aka the Artist Didsy

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I'm a room full of art canvas.  I took a quick glance at them, and immediately picked up the pattern "Deers", but I was more interested in the girl adjusting the paintings to make them look perfect.

She was the artist !

I found her interesting, and tried to start an awkward ( hehehe yeah that's me ) conversation. I learned that she is a self-taught artist, but she also has a bachelor & master degree.

Lately, while reading my Facebook feed I found out that she started her first solo exhibition  "Deer Love" at l'Uzine. What a great opportunity to get to know Didsy!

Who is Didsy ? 

Q: First of all, Who is Didsy ? 

Didsy is simply my nickname since high school, and I use it to be my signature for my artworks. 
I believe I'm a creative person more than anything else, if that answers your question.

Q: Tell us more about your beginnings. 

I've been creating stuff since I was little. I studied business administration, arts and social sciences, and marketing and communication. I've worked as an advertising copywriter for a while, then I thought to myself that I had to follow my heart and take some time to pursue the arts.

I had the opportunity to be at several collective exhibitions, then I had my solo show, still ongoing at l'Uzine in Casablanca until Oct 27th.

Deer Love exhibition

Q: As I saw in previous interviews, you "gave up" on a stable life for the artistic one. Even though I don't think you gave up on anything, but only changed your path, I would love to know more about this daring decision. 

I chose to focus on arts for a while to find what I needed to express. I used to work in a very creative environment that believed that you can only create if you work hard enough. So quitting my job came rather naturally to be able to work hard on my art and fully commit to that.

Q: Are you sometimes afraid of this decision that you made ? Do you regret it ? 
I think every experience adds value to our lives. I don't regret anything. I'm learning every day.

Twisted Love

Q: How did your entourage reacted to your decision ? 

It was hard at the beginning, but most of them were supportive when they understood my decision.

Q: I see that people around the world don't consider art as a job, especially here in morocco. How do you deal with people with such mindset ? 
I just work hard, and don't care about the rest. I stay hopeful and positive.

Q: Going back to your exhibition, "Deer Love" a cute pun. Why Deers ? What does it represent to you? Who would you describe your artistic style ?
It's a symbol of birth, creation and freedom in aboriginal cultures. I would call it a concept, not a style. In my Deer Love exhibition, my main character wants to free herself from love; that's why I chose this symbol.

Q: What are you biggest inspirations? 

Japanese artists like M
urakami, Miyazaki (me : YASSS), Nara, 
Everyday life
Absurd literature
Meeting new people
Discovering new places

Q: What is the perks of being Didsy ? 


“Chaos” – Graphic art exhibited at Belgrade

Q: What are the problems you faced ? 

They are part of the adventure, but sometimes I feel very lonely swimming against the tide. 

Q: Finally, what do you expect from the future? How do you think the evolution of Didsy would be? 

I just want to pursue my passion, and share it with the world.

It was such as blast to interview this ALUMNI from my university. For me, she is a source of courage because it takes audacity to give up on a life that society consider as perfect to follow your dream.  People like Dina are the people that make this life inspiring. Instead of sleepwalking through life, they live.

All the pictures were taken from  Didsy Official Fan Page. Don't hesitate to follow her official website and go take a look at her solo exhibition at l'Uzine.

With love


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