Friday, 9 October 2015

Take those Feelings Away

Welcome back,

Please, take those feelings away
What started with a leaking tap
ended up with a powerful waterfall
Your sweet voice floats with blood in my veins

Take those feeling and shut them up
Like I want to shut the echoes of your sleepy voice
Still, it's on repeat in my head like a litany
Prayers in club to stop your deafening laughters

Take those feelings and lock them up
I don't want to notice the traits of your face
when you're focused on something or angry
I don't want to see the dark circle
Under your dull eyes because you can't sleep at night

Take those feelings away and destroy them
I don't want to feel my heartbeats
Like drums in my rib cage
I may have your hand, she has your heart
I may have your body, she has your mind

Take those feelings and alter them to something else
A friendship or a good acquaintance ?
I wish you won't cry secretly in your room
I wish I could carry with you, the weight of your woes
I wish I could heal your deep wounds

Please take this feelings away
Sorry, I didn't love you
I loved the feelings

With love, 


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