Friday, 20 November 2015

Chronicles of a 19 Years Old Moroccan Girl #11

Welcome back,

                                                          Chapter 12 : I am an Extra

Now I'm supposed to work for my quiz, but I felt inspired to write this little things to all of you.

It's late at night and those are raw thoughts.

I don't open myself up even though I talk too much. I do talk about my passions, my knowledge, my positions ... but never about myself. For the simple reason that I don't really know who I am.

I always felt that I was an Extra

I am that one substitute that we all love in a movie but we don't care about his/her griefs as much as the protagonist. I am that one character that doesn't deserve a story by their own. I am that one person that we forget during the happy endings or just offers them a 5 seconds in the screen. I am that one extra who's life is not interesting enough to be the main story.

I'm that one secondary personnage. I'm just an extra

Never the best student.        BUT       The really good average one
Never the best friend.          BUT       The close friend
Never the only child.           BUT       The sibling
Never the ultimate lover      BUT        The side dish and the friend with benefit

I am not complaning. I am really okay. I don't expect too much. However, sometimes

I want to be the hero of my own story. 

It starts with choosing people that make you feel like the main character in your story.

With love,

The EXTRAordinary Ouej

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