Sunday, 15 November 2015

Mosaic and After Taste

This poem is for/ inspired for one of my friends that went thru horrible horrors in her/his life :

Welcome back,

The after taste is the worst
The taste of Fear and Inability
Teared apart
An autumn leaf under the pawn of the wolf

You're numb
You're full of life
You're quiet
You're energetic
You're fragile
You're strong

You drink your wiskey in a shattered glass
The shot burns you throat
The cries of your loved one
burns you heart

But, you got used to it
Is the river in your eyes dry
or not yet

You tried to pick up the pieces
of the broken innocence they've stolen
You made a masterpiece
You call it ; Beautiful mosaic

You are a beautiful mosaic
with your piercing eye contact
with your childish voice
with your joyful gait
with your weighty silences
with your windy decisions
with your impromptu confessions
with your pure innocense

To me, you are all this
You are confusing coffee candy
with vanilla extract inside
I cannot always understand it
but I cannot stop enjoying it
Because you are a sweet vanilla after taste
That turns the bitter coffee to caramel

With love


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