Saturday, 26 December 2015

WEEK 1 : New Adventure in BRAZIL

Welcome back, 

I'm currently in the country of Samba and Futebol . Come explore the world with me !

The hospitality of brazilians is indescribable.

 It started with the two brazilians basketball player I met in the plane, their williness to help a foreigner girl to find her way in a vaste country despite their average level in english was heart warming. 

Then, I met my host. Their generosity is beyond imagination. For me they are the picture of a typical yet perfect family with a cool dad, a loving mother,and a younger brother who loves Minecraft. 

Brazilian Barbecue for Christmas Eve : Churrasco


Churrasco Again 

They opened up their houses to me, they fed me, they celebrated christmas with me, they cared for me. I'm blessed and gratful

Typical Brazilian Meal with a Brazilian Family. One word : Beans

It is only my first week and the first step in a life changing adventure and I'm already attached to those people. 

NIGHT LIFE (Preview)  : 

The night life is just amazing. I went to a what we can call a "concert". 
It was such a revelation for me.

Seeing the artist sweats off this passion and the crowd from all the generations united, cheering and singing the same chorus and moved by the same music tune is an image that will be forever engraved in my mind. 


Here is to Brazilians, here is to Brazil, here is to warmth of humanity, and here is to Diversity

With love, 

A moved Ouej

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