Thursday, 25 August 2016

Travel with Ouej: Amsterdam/Brussels/Paris

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Here is the video I made about my travels. A more detailed text version will be posted soon so stay tuned

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Friday, 22 July 2016

My Photography Project

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Here is my photography project. It's a nice story 

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Chronicles of a 19 YO Moroccan Girl #14

Chapter 14 : I Can't Get No Satisfaction

I've been asking myself the ultimate question of what I am and what I want for over three years or more, and as terrifying as it may sound I still have no clue.

Of course, I do have a general idea of where I want to end up in 10 years.

 "I want to create good artistic content" is my favorite answer when people ask me what I want to do for the future. However, deep down I don't know what it exactly means.

Chronicles of a 19 Yo Moroccan Girl #13

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Chronicles of a 19 YO #13:

Staring at the ceiling while silence is my background music. Why does it have to be so dramatic? Is it depression? Aren’t the pills working?

How come? I am cheerful person. I love to hear the reasoning laughter when I make a perfectly good joke. I like to motivate people when they are feeling down and hopefully inspire them. Am I falling within the stereotype category of the sad clown? No way.

How can I even begin to describe this feeling? A blank page would do.
A white virgin piece of a paper would accurately represent this “feeling” if it shall be called like that.

Whatever I write after this would seem insignificant, maybe funny nonsense.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Another Tragedy

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Following my matinal routine, I checked my Twitter. A new hashtag is trending, a new prayer, a new target, a new tragedy.

I scrolled down. 

Major news companies talk about it, politicians tweet about it, celebrities pray for it. 

Everyone blames everyone

Religion is blamed by some
Religion is defended by others

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Dirty Love

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Shaking hands on her naked shivering legs
Big hands climbing from her knees to her hips
Fingers playing under her skirt

Her stomach drops, her eyes water
His whole body soaked in beer
He whispered in her ears
"Let's go to a Motel" 

She arranged her skirt
To hide the holes in her tights
but she couldn't hide the holes in her heart

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Experiment On Youth - SHORT MOVIE-

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I made my first short movie. It's my first time shooting and my first time editing. I hope you're going to like it.

Synopsis : 

"Experiment on Youth" is a project on a global scale that aims to understand how young people think to manipulate them into consuming more. However, the footage of the project are leaked by an individual. A woman call her friend to tell her some news. Is she involved in the project "Experiment on Youth" ?

This short movie tries to show that being young is much more than the typical partying and avoiding responsibilities. Being young is also making choices, dealing with difficulties and trying to find a place of your own.

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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Tonight Darling, I'll destroy my liver

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I was sitting in my anthropology class when the professor said that in Arab cultures the center of affection is not the heart, but the liver. Therefore, I wrote this poem because so many people around me destroy the center of their affection

Tonight darling, I’ll destroy my liver
Drown it in high degrees of spirit
Cold touch to make me shiver
Glasses raises for no merit

Tonight darling, I'll celebrate the lost
Only tears are allowed on my tablets
Only eyes can water and dilate
I wave to you across the coast

Tonight darling, I’ll digest happy pills
Agony beneath a euphoric blue
Tonight, I will be carried away
to my bed by someone who’s not you

Saturday, 2 April 2016

You aren't forgotten

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I know I don't post as I used to, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm preparing some project for you guys.

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Chronicles of a 19 YO Moroccan Girl #12

Chapter 12 : Taste Of Childhood

Change is inevitable.
The nature is changing constantly as the seasons go by. Trees lose their dull leaves to grow colorful flowers which petals are decorated with endless labyrinth-like veins visible in the light, but those flowers’ faith is to wilt one day and fall from the majestic branch as they have never existed. They will fade under someone’s step like the leaves before them who were claiming the propriety of the tree and defying the wind rusting them.  Nevertheless, they could not defy the time and its effect either could the tree.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

WEEK 2 : Discovery Angra Dos Reis and Rio De Janeiro

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Week for traveling in South Brazil :

I'll take you with me in the islands of Angra Dos Reis and the legendary city of Rio De Janeiro.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Letter to my Bipolar Disorder ( by A.A )

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This following post is written by a friend who is living with bipolar disorder :

"I lived five years (and counting) of what people call bipolar depression. It started because it wanted to ....Very simply.

It's a bunch of chemicals in your mind that move around and result in you losing your mind and everything else you might have in your life (friends, relationships, studies, time and very very likely yourself).

It is impossible for a anyone living such things to put down in words or in any kind of expression what it feels like but I'll try and give it my best shot.

I will try my hardest to draw you a little picture of how it feels to be a bipolar depressed person. Have you ever heard of drowning? Well it's pretty much like that. One second you're in your room reading a book the next you're hiding in your closet, tears streaming down your face and your book ? well by your feet torn to pieces. Don't you dare ask how can such things happen. Don't you dare say that this is craziness and insanity. Becaude it's very hard for me to realize and accept the reality of things on the go.