Tuesday, 12 January 2016

WEEK 2 : Discovery Angra Dos Reis and Rio De Janeiro

Welcome back,

Week for traveling in South Brazil :

I'll take you with me in the islands of Angra Dos Reis and the legendary city of Rio De Janeiro.

Angra Dos Reis :

DAY 1 : Long Trip 

View from the road to Angra Dos Reis

My trip took place right after christmas and right before new year's eve, so the traffic was horrible. After 15 hours of road trip and beautiful exotique landscape from my window, I was finally in my hostel in the middle of nowhere. As I don't speak portuguese, I sympathized with an aspiring brazilian  actor there who was going to turn a commercial in the island and he helped me with the translation.

DAY 2 : Cruise Around the Island 

Starting the day with Coxinha with Queijo (Cheese) and the amazing Açai,  me and my group decided to take a little cruise around the islands.
With the sun over our head, the smell of the salt tickling our nose, our hair releashed, I felt complete for a moment.


Then I jumped in the azur water from the boat.

Rio De Janeiro :

DAY 1 : Arrive To The Hostel

After a long road trip, I was finally in Rio De Janeiro. I took a taxi from the bus station to my hostel in Baha (Where I was staying). Our Taxi driver told us about the places to see in Rio such as "Christ the Redeemer", Sugar loaf when a lot of people do paraglading.

View From My hostel

As a young adult, I couldn't afford a 4 stars hotel, so I took a Hostel and I had to share my bedroom with a Brazilian girl and other people. We immediatly got along and she help me with the translation.

First landscape on Rio De Janeiro

DAY 2 : Beaches of Baha

It was too weird for me to go to the Beach at this time that I would consider winter in my hometown. As a "tourist" that respect herself, I had my first coconut and I layed down under the blazing sun. The waters of the Baha beaches were just deliciously clear and warm.

When there was no sun in the sky, only clouds and the light of the moon, I went outside to discover the night life of Rio.  The most hyped place to go is called Lapa . I went to a restaurant bar that had an amazing decor, delicious Tacos and entretaining Mariachis.

DAY 3 : New Year In Copacabana Beach

Copacabana in the Morning

Everyone advised me to go to Copabacana during the new year's eve. However, they also warned me to not bring anything valuable ( such as camera, so I couldn't take any pictures ) because cases of thieft are really common there during that time of the year. In fact, I witness 2 robberies. Once we got there, everyone was wearing white and women had a flower crown in their head.

It was too crowded. I had to stick with my group until we got to the beach. We sat there admiring the shining cruises surouded by people having a glass of champagn in their hands.

As the brazilian tradition states, during midnight anyone who seeks good luck needs to go to the beach and jump on 7 waves. Being aware that the water would be crowded in a matter of minutes, I decided to go outside of that crowd. During that moment I felt like I was going to die, as I was walking against the flow of humans. I ended up being too tired to do anything.

DAY 4 : A Cloudy Christ and Beautiful Ipanema

When you say "Rio De Janeiro" you immediatly think of the Christ The Redeemer. Unfortunatly, I picked up a bad weather day to go, it was cloudy and I couldn't see anything exept his silhouette.

One thing you have to know if you are planning to go to see the christ is to be prepared to all the waiting

After, I spent a moment to wander the city, appeciating the architecture and the street art. I went to Ipanema Beach where I saw many people dancing together to the rythm of a Funky music.


Wealth and Poverty

I enjoyed the sunset and the landscape over the shining Favelas, which are also one thing Rio De Janeiro is known for. A tour in the Faveas was offered but I thought it was offensive to people living there.

Street art at its best

Ipanema beach at night : the lights on the mountains are the favelas

With love,


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