Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Tonight Darling, I'll destroy my liver

Welcome back, 

I was sitting in my anthropology class when the professor said that in Arab cultures the center of affection is not the heart, but the liver. Therefore, I wrote this poem because so many people around me destroy the center of their affection

Tonight darling, I’ll destroy my liver
Drown it in high degrees of spirit
Cold touch to make me shiver
Glasses raises for no merit

Tonight darling, I'll celebrate the lost
Only tears are allowed on my tablets
Only eyes can water and dilate
I wave to you across the coast

Tonight darling, I’ll digest happy pills
Agony beneath a euphoric blue
Tonight, I will be carried away
to my bed by someone who’s not you

Tonight darling, I’ll drown my brain
in liquors and powders of all kinds
offered by stranger men across the bar
I’ll sleep on the right bed, in the wrong arms
I’ll feel the heat of the human body
in white sheets that are not mine

Tonight darling, I’ll soak myself in booze
I’ll forget my name but not yours
Eternal red smile to cover up your bruises
passion, love and anger will be replaced
by a numb body alone in a twin sized bed

Tonight darling, I’ll destroy my liver
I’ll close the eyes you used to be lost in
I’ll scar the hand you used to hold
I'll cut the hair you used to love
I’ll welcome anyone in my body, my temple
where you used to be the only God"

With love, 



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