Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Another Tragedy

Welcome back,

Following my matinal routine, I checked my Twitter. A new hashtag is trending, a new prayer, a new target, a new tragedy.

I scrolled down. 

Major news companies talk about it, politicians tweet about it, celebrities pray for it. 

Everyone blames everyone

Religion is blamed by some
Religion is defended by others
Gouvernment policies are blamed by some
Gouvernment policies are defended by others

Nationalities and ethnicities are pointed to
Complot and conspiracies are invented

People offering honest prayers
People refusing to pray and calling for actions
People just writing on facebook walls to make the buzz
People referring to other tragedies none talks about

People making fun of the situation 
to hide the fact that they are insensitive to this tragedy 
to hide the fact that they are emotionally involved with it

Anger, Sadness, Frustration
Indifference, Apathy, Cold

But what about the mothers who lost their children?
But what about that girl who lost her best friend?
But what about that son who lost his father?
But what about that boy who lost his crush?
But what about the World who lost its humanity?

How does it feel to kiss your lover not knowing it will be the last time you'll have the chance to feel their soft lips
How does it feel to fight with your daughter not knowing that "Fine, I'm going" will be their last words
How does it feel to smile to that stranger in the subway not knowing you that you will be the last person they'll smile at

Mediatic fuss and intellectual words cannot explain the feelings of the families and friends.

The victims are not only dead bodies laying on the ground
The victims are not only statistics for research

The victims were once humans with a warm chest, breathing, laughing, crying… living

Whenever I sleep, I dread that tomorrow during my morning routine I'll check my Twitter and see
A new hashtag trending
A new prayer
A new target
A new tragedy

With love, 


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