Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Beirut Experience Part II

Welcome back,

The night life is Beirut was ... something. It is safe to say that Lebanese people know how to party.They have a joie-de-vivre no matter what the circumstances. Yet, Lebanon is not only Beirut. Coming from a bigger country in comparison with lebanon, it astonished me how easily you could travel to other cities.


Byblos is the first city I visited in Lebanon. It was during new years eve. A travel out of the blue right after hearing the fireworks announce the beginning of 2017.
The city have a mideval look, with its paved streets and flea markets. The bars in the corners of the streets were filled with elegant lebanese girls and overly excited guys welcoming everyone to their dance party.
One vivid memory remains from that trip: a group of friends staring at the dark ocean to the other side where city light flickers cradled by the soothing voice of Fairuz.


We had to meet an interview subject in that city. A young energetic girl who would later become a dear friend. As I said before Lebanon is a pretty small country therefore its highways look somehow like the national route of Morocco. You can stop in the side, go to a shop where menus are written in the walls (IN ARABIC- in morocco it's french), and rest there while you're enjoying your Ma'noucha.


In a roadtrip, my friends and I went to this city that is almost in the syrian borderss. They are so close that one of my friends with us in the ride got a message on his phone welcoming him to Syria. It was interesting to see the traffic of the syrian routes. Many yellow flags with green written were hanging from the lamps of the streets. "It is the Hezbollah flags" said one of my friends. We passed through many check point until we arrived to the vestige of what used to be the temple of Bacchus. While I was in Greece, I noticed the same patterns of architecture. As I sat in the stairs of what used to be the theatre, it came to me as a revelation that ancient civilization are truly fascinating. These unknown people built a majestic piece of art. The whole place looked alive even after decades have passed by. The eternity of such place and the significance of each stone really make you feel trivial in this world.

With love and gratitude to my lebanese friends


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