Monday, 26 June 2017

Chronicles of a 20-ish Moroccan Lady #15

Welcome Back,

Chapter 15 : One way ticket

"I bought a one-way ticket to X and I got lost in the unknown" said a blondie around my age in her video titled Why Everyone Should Travel.
In another video, a caucasian man talks about how he travelled for free. "I hitchhiked, spent the night with locals and here you have it … I traveled without money. It's possible"
 I almost got inspired by their after-graduation journey when I remembered…. I ain't no blonde tall man.
I am a brown woman who has an arab sounding name. 

I am fully aware that my dark complexion, nationality and ethnicity speak for themselves. They said loud and clear that I was not granted the same privilege as other citizens of the world. I can't have the luxury to book a on way ticket and get lost not exactly knowing what my next destination would be.

I remember the feeling of injustice when I booked my flight to Greece from Lebanon (a one way flight) I wanted to keep my options open. I was hoping to travel a bit more in Europe ,but I was not sure of the trajectory, so I booked a One-Way-Ticket to Greece hoping to figure it out along the way. 
I discovered the hard way at 5a.m in Beirut international airport that I needed a return ticket to Morocco or else I wouldn't board. 
With no wifi on my laptop and tears all over my face, I was sobbing at 7a.m in the public toilets of the airport hating myself for allowing this rookie mistake to happen.

Depending on you passeport strength, you can either be a prisoner of one country or have the world as your playground.

Anecdote: My dutch friends and I were comparing the countries where we could go. Wikipedia showcased a map of the world where the countries you're allowed in without visa are green and the ones who required visa are red.
Needless to say, my dutch friend's map was all green. Mine was mostly red with several green spots. When our syrian friend discovered our little game, she laughed at us and she showed us her map. It was All RED.
She added "Be grateful"

I cannot afford to have a life crisis, spontaneously pack my suitcase and hop on the first airplane to help little brown children in developing country and caption it "an inspiring journey". 
My process is less spontaneous and more bureaucratic.
I have to check if the country needs Visa and how long I could stay in it (15 or 30 days?), then I should plan the itinerary and have it in a hard copy because the airport police would probably ask me about the details of my travel after an intensive search in my bags. I will have to ask for documents from my university, bank account receipts, prove I have enough funds, and give an evidence of hotel accommodation in said country (say bye bye to slumber party with locals).
Finally, I would parade in administrations waiting for hours, begging employees to do their job, testing the last intact nerves I have left.  
It kills the buzz and the spontaneity. Long story short, I cannot Into the Wild it. 

I ain't complaining (OKAY maybe a little). It is the way it is and we need to make the most out of it.I am deeply aware of the chances I have as a Moroccan girl to travel abroad, but I am sick and tired of caucasians telling me in Vlogs I should feel guilty for not doing it with more spontaneity.

With love,

A calm Ouej

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